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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 27, 2011 10:00pm-10:29pm PST

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younger demographic as well. >> reporter: anne hathaway. first time host. presiding over a show that anointed "toy story iii" as the best animated film. cbs news, hollywood. >> hollywood isn't the only place hosting oscar parties tonight. movie lovers watching the big show. bringing attention to and raising money for a good cause. linda yee takes us to one of those parties. >> reporter: the glitz and glamor here could rival hollywood but tonight in concord this oscar viewing party is not just about the coveted statute. the $55 donation they each gave at the door benefits an organization that helps women and children who suffer violence at home. >> these are very important. as you know economics are very bad these days and so donations to nonprofits like ours are slowing down as are governmental funds so these
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kind of fund-raisers are very important to keep our services open. >> reporter: stand against domestic violence work to intervening. councilors say one in four women suffer at the hands of an abuser and their children are hurt too. >> in my household there was a lot of power and control. there was a lot of you can't do this or i have to have permission to do this. there was alcoholism in my home. there was certain violence. mostly targeted towards my mother but us as children we intervened so we would just get caught in the line of fire. >> reporter: the organization responds to more than 11,000 crisis calls a year and in every case getting the victim to leave the abuser could take years. >> because there is a lot of denial that is going on and it is a very emotional situation because the woman obviously has strong feelings for the man and she believes what he says which is often that he is going to change so she gives him that
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kind of ability to do that and then it doesn't happen. >> reporter: 30 local restaurants and businesses donated food and prizes for the cause. >> this is the tenth year they have been hosting this event and they expect to raise more than $20,000. money that will go to help a problem that unfortunately isn't going away. >> reporter: linda yee in concord, cbs5. you have heard the lyrics in that song it never rains in southern california. maybe not. but this morning it snowed. this is a golf course in burbank covered in white. not a huge accumulation but there was enough for some creative people to build a snowman. a little one. even some snow starved teens grabbed their sleds and they made a run down one of the greens. >> lawrence, today a beautiful day. after the rain and the cold, it is kind of nice today. >> it was nice. and we got to enjoy it while we have it, folks, because it will change up again. as early as tomorrow clouds moving in but temperatures a
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little chilly around the bay area. mostly clear skies at this hour but beginning to see a couple of clouds starting to head into the north coast and that will mean some probably moderated temperatures just a little bit so not going to see those record breaking temperatures like we had early on this morning. here comes some of those clouds. part of the system that will drop down in our area for tomorrow bringing a lot of clouds into our skies. there is a chance we could see a few showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures not all that band not all that cold either. numbers mainly in the low to the upper 50s around the bay area. warmest temperatures down in the south bay. outside right now looking at 40 degrees getting cool there in napa. 42. in fairfield 43 degrees in livermore. 47 degrees in oakland under mostly clear skies. i think if we are traveling around the state the further you go to the north the better chance you're going to run into rain drops. also up into redding area. high country boy it is looking good up there. if you want to travel the roadway is nice and clear now and it looks like the weather is probably going to hold
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pretty well for the next couple days. you've got to get out there and enjoy that nice new powder. monday and tuesday looking like great days to do it. we have got a serious storm headed our way changing everything in the high country and even here in the bay area. so, here is your area of low pressurewell to the north here trying to drop down. it will bring with it some cloud. not those cold temperatures we had from the last system. it will be chilly in spots overnight tonight. especially in some of the interior valleys. maybe slightly below in places like fairfield could get down to 40 degrees. 35 in the napa valley. you're looking about 35 degrees in fremont so you get the idea. a chilly start but not as cold as it has been. i think by day not bad. we will see a lot of clouds but temperatures getting near 60 degrees in places like san jose. it will be 59 in mountainview. cool out to the coastline. seabreeze. low to mid-50s. east bay temperatures running up well into the 50s by
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tomorrow afternoon and it looks like not a bad day but as we head a little further to the north, we are looking at a couple more clouds and at least a slight chance of a few light showers especially late in the day. all right. this is where it starts to get interesting again. we have got kind of a break now. looks like as we head in toward tuesday a dry day then. but i think overnight we will watch the winds ramping up around the bay area expecting heavy rainfall late tuesday night and into wednesday probably going to see some leftover showers come thursday and friday looks like a brief break but then more rain over the weekend. and what's interesting is the ground now is pretty well saturated so you get some of these storms and they tap some of that subtropical moisture you can see a whole lot of rain in a hurry. then we have to start talking about some flooding issues with each successive storms. hopefully enough of a break in between each of one of those. allowing the water to drain to the ocean. if not we will have to worry about water problems.
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>> a lot of my neighbors in contra costa county have blankets over their plants. do we have to worry about that tonight? >> i think we can okay tonight. even the places it will freeze it won't be for very long. plants will be watered in the next days too. >> if they die it is my fault. >> exactly. >> thank you, lawrence. >> well, a tornado watch has been lifted after a day of dark and threatening skies over 11 counties in oklahoma. these formations are part of a supercell moving through the area. the storms not as severe as they look but they were able to produce gusty winds and hail. residents will now have to brace themselves for strong westerly winds which will sweep dust across oklahoma. it is a birthday for an oscar winning screen legend and she had to spend it in hospital unfortunately. from students to space cadets. where bay area students got to experience something out of this world.
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>> come on, romeo. >> romeo. >> i need you to cover for me. >> an animated twist on a shakespeare classic got a surprising win at the box office. third week in theaters it brought in 14.2 million. the film features a couple of garden gnomes. light hearted. coming in second place. owen wilson and nicolas cage. 13.$4 million in its debut. "unknown," "just go with it." san jose will have almost two weeks of events for movie buffs. the 21st annual film festival opens tuesday evening with the
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screening of a film directed by acclaimed actor john taturo. one of several downtown venues hosting the festival. more geared towards people who are simply in the zone. >> we empower the spirit of the maverick. maverick for us is the bold, innovative, original thinker. person with passion inside themselves and they want to create something that matters. >> 75 films withl have their premiers. "dying to do letterman." it is a documentary. a man diagnosed with cancer then vows to make an appearance on the late show. elizabeth taylor is spending her 79th birthday tonight in the hospital. she has been there since early this month for treatment of congestive heart failure. she watched the academy awards telecast from her hospital room.
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taylor was rooting for "the king's speech" to win best picture. it did winning for butterfield 8 in 1960 and who is afraid of virginia wolf six years later. a birthday celebration is planned for her when she is released from the hospital. bay area kids exposed to the world of science. hosting the science festival in san francisco for students and their families. they road hover crafts, launched rockets and operated a lunar rover and also introduced to an astronaut is excited about nasa's future. >> nasa has an incredibly bright future. we are looking forward to really not just exploring space but finding out how we can use space to really enhance our existence here on earth. >> the doctor has recently completed her training and is waiting for her first mission assignment. golf's best battle in the snow for the match play
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spring... but the giants lost their first cactus league game, 4-3 to the diamondbacks. . pablo sandoval homering for the second time this spring. giants lost their first cactus league. start the clock, christian. golden state down by 1. final second. a chance to win another one. but he is blocked. warriors lost all three since the all-star break. it snowed the size of golf balls. okay, little smaller. just a tad. but snow nonetheless. next number 1 player in the
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world. 3-2. nascar a week ago trevor bayne was the daytona 500 champion. today he crashed in phoenix and finished 40th. and for the first time since april 2009 jeff gordon is in victory lane. needs this 10 pin spared. he doesn't earn it. a pro bowler makes that shot 95% of the time. as in their cactus leader. four-run deficit. oakland pounds the cubs 15-7 off that grand slam. >> good to hear. >> all right much that's it for eyewitness news at 10:00 p.m. of course the news is always on we will see you at 11:00 p.m. on cbs5. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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